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Little Bear Birthing

Empowering you in your pregnancy, labour and beyond
Welcome to our website and thank you for considering including us in your birth journey. We are two friends who have known each other for over a decade and currently both work in healthcare. We share a passion for supporting mums-to-be and their birthing partners to develop a sense of control and create a calm and positive birth, through hypnobirthing.
What is KG Hypnobirthing?


KG Hypnobirthing is a birth preparation program which provides a complete antenatal education. It is logical, practical and easy to comprehend with the aim to facilitate a positive birth and provide tools for you to have control of your birth experiences. It also has great benefits to fathers and birthing partners, providing tools to enable them to support you, keep calm and feel part of the birthing experience. Feeling calm and in control facilitates a positive birthing environment and experience which also benefits your baby. 

What you will learn


  • Information about pregnancy and birth

  • Knowledge about how the body is designed to give birth

  • Understanding the link between the mind and the body

  • How your birth partner can support you

  • Relaxation and breathing exercises

  • The use of visualisations

  • Simple exercises to take home and practice

  • Creating an optimum birth environment

Why Choose KG Hypnobirthing?


We truly believe that hypnobirthing can support you and your birth partner to feel calm and confident during pregnancy, labour and birth.

There have been various studies demonstrating the effectiveness of hypnobirthing and its use is becoming increasingly popular. Potential benefits include a more comfortable birth, a more relaxed environment, a shorter labour, fewer medical interventions, reduced use of analgesia, improved recovery post-birth, a shared positive experience for you and your birth partner and a happier calmer baby. Click here to see some recent findings. 

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Why Choose Little Bear Birthing?


We are trained healthcare professionals with many years of experience supporting patients within our respective professions. We are also trained KG Hypnobirthing Practitioners, a qualification accredited by FEDANT. Perhaps more importantly, we are also mums who have utilised hypnobirthing techniques first-hand. We can adapt the material to your pace of learning and recommend extra reading and sources of further information.

We are passionate about understanding and supporting the mind-body links. We both believe strongly in the effectiveness of hypnobirthing for reducing anxiety, improving well-being and potentially reducing the need for other interventions during labour and birth. However, we are also passionate about women having choices. We know that every birth is different and in fact, have experienced a range of births ourselves. We feel that hypnobirthing can be another tool to add to your birth plan, alongside other interventions and pain relief methods you feel are right for you.

Health and well-being

We are both trained KG Hypnobirthing practitioners and can facilitate you and your partner to safely learn the techniques. However, we are not medically trained and it is important that you take responsibility for your own health and well-being during any of the courses. If you have any existing medical conditions, or are experiencing any physical injury or pain, please discuss participation in the course with your GP and midwife. If during the course, you have any concerns or are experiencing any discomfort please speak to one of the facilitators. Please note, you do not have to complete any exercise you are uncomfortable with or are unsure about. An important part of hypnobirthing is to listen to your body and your instincts.

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