Pregnant Woman by Birch


We hope to be able to run our face-to-face courses again soon. We will also continue to offer online courses via zoom. 


All online courses will cost £215 per couple including book. The next online courses are; 

Please inquire if you would like one-to-one sessions. 


2 day Face-to-Face courses - various dates and locations available (see below)

Private hypnobirthing and pregnancy massage available in most locations within 20 miles of Framlingham, Suffolk. Please contact me for further information. (Mileage applies +5 miles)

Pregnancy massage also offered at Woodbridge Physiotherapy Practice or in your own home with Natalie. Please note we are unable to currently offer pregnancy massage as Natalie has recently had her 3rd baby :)

Can't see a course that suits you ? Please get in touch so we can look to arrange additional courses if the need is there. 

I’m Natalie, senior physiotherapist, KG Hypnobirthing teacher and mummy to two gorgeous boys. Why did I decide to become a KGH teacher? Hypnobirthing was such a huge part of both my labours, but also important to my pregnancy as a whole. The time my husband and I spent attending hypnobirthing courses and doing our ‘homework’ gave us time to stop our busy lives to focus on the pregnancy, labour and look forward to their birth. Hypnobirthing also encouraged me to have some ‘me time,’ even if it was only fifteen minutes of relaxation here and there. It did me the world of good and on most occasions led me to drift off quicker and have a better sleep overall.

I decided to become a teacher to increase its accessibility and share my knowledge and passion. I attended hypnobirthing courses for both pregnancies and found them invaluable to mine and my husband's birth preparation, pregnancy and even beyond; continuing to use the relaxations for me and my little ones.

Cat and I are keen to spread the positivity of hypnobirthing, we strongly feel it can have a hugely positive impact on each and every pregnancy and labour. 

Alongside hypnobirthing I also do pregnancy and post-natal massage. For more information on the benefits of massage click here