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We continue to offer online courses. We are now scheduling face-to-face courses. Click on the region of interest to see when your next course date is. 

Evening Online Courses 

The group courses comprise of a set of four sessions held on a weekly basis online via live video link. These courses were introduced in light of Covid-19 and are designed to provide easy access to hypnobirthing whilst ensuring individuals safety. There will normally be 2 facilitators running the online sessions dependent on group sizes. These courses will be run like our face to face sessions with opportunity for group discussion and questions throughout.  

Evening Group Courses (Oxfordshire Only)

The group courses comprise a set of four sessions with 2 - 2.5 hours taught content, held on a weekly basis in your local area by one facilitator. The group size is usually smaller with around 4-6 couples attending the course. Please see the locality pages for dates of any upcoming courses.

Two Day Courses

We recognise that life is very busy and that attending a weekly course may not be convenient. The two day course covers the exact same content over two full days, usually at a weekend. Don't worry you will have plenty of opportunity for breaks and lunch. We aim to jointly run these courses where possible, meaning that we can facilitate larger group sizes and can pool our knowledge for the benefit of our attendees. After the course, we are available via email for support and advice.

(Please note prices may vary across locations due to variable venue costs).

Private Sessions

We both offer private sessions for those that would like a more bespoke experience. These are held in your home, usually in four 2.5-3 hour sessions; however, we can be flexible to arrange a time that is mutually convenient. Please be aware that we both work part-time alongside our families and therefore, it is recommended that you give us plenty of notice before you wish to start the course so we can make necessary arrangements.  

Included on Hypnobirthing Courses

All listed hypnobirthing sessions include one book and hypnobirthing CD/MP3 per couple, ongoing support available after the course, hot and cold drinks on our group courses.

Pregnancy Massage (Suffolk Only)

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful opportunity for you to have some ‘me’ time, relax, put your feet up and relieve your aches and pains. Pregnancy can put a strain on your whole body and cause discomfort, not only through the additional weight carrying your baby, but through the many physiological changes that go alongside it. It is really important for both mother and baby to have some time out doing this busy period of preparing for birth and after, with research showing an unborn baby can be affected by a mother’s stress during pregnancy.

Through relaxation and skin stimulation, important pregnancy hormones (oxytocin and prolactin) are released. These are essential for labour and milk production and can have an indirect relaxing effect on your baby. A relaxed pregnancy often leads to a more relaxed birth and baby. Massage also assists with lymphatic drainage which can help with pregnancy related carpel tunnel and ankle swelling.

Please note ankle swelling can be a symptom of pre-eclampsia or deep vein thrombosis and therefore should always be discussed with an appropriate health professional.

Please discuss with your midwife or doctor your suitability for pregnancy massage and obtain written or oral consent for this. You must have had your 12-week scan and confirm you have obtained consent prior to having a pregnancy massage. Please update us if anything changes with your health/ pregnancy.

We can also provide advice on labour massage and post-natal massage after obtaining consent at your 6-week doctor review and ceasing any postpartum bleeding (which can occur for 4-6 weeks post birth).

Be aware this bleeding should be light, please seek medical advice if you experience any heavy bleeding.

Please see below the contraindications to pregnancy massage. If you are unsure on your suitability please call or email for clarification.

1. High blood pressure

2. Morning sickness

3. Fever

4. Abdominal pain

5. Unusual pain

6. Reduced foetal movement

7.Heavy vaginal discharge (watery or bloody)

8. Pre-eclampsia

9. Contagious illness

10. Fainting or dizziness

11. Any malignant condition

12. Burning pain in sacral area

13. Vomiting/ diarrhoea

14. Invasive procedure in the last 7 days

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