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Mother and Newborn


Is hypnobirthing only for people who want a natural birth?

No. We are keen to share hypnobirthing to all mum’s and their birth-partners, to help them make informed choices at this magical time. Hypnobirthing is just one method that may be useful to you, but it does not mean that other options should be closed to you.


I am planning to have two birth partners, can they both be involved?

Absolutely! We recognise that families come in all shapes and sizes and welcome anyone who is an active and supportive birthing partner to join you in this journey. However, we can only facilitate a maximum of two birthing partners per mum-to-be, and this will incur an extra charge. Each course comes with one book and a hypnobirthing CD. If you require any additional books this will also incur an extra charge. Please contact us for details. Due to the room capacity on our group courses, the addition of an extra birthing partner will be subject to availability.

I am unsure if hypnobirthing is for me, what can I do?

We are so pleased you are considering the use of hypnobirthing to support your birth plan. We realise that this is an important decision for you and recommend that you do further research to find out more about hypnobirthing. You can check out the KG Hypnobirthing webpage and refer to our evidence-page for links to relevant research articles. We also suggest that you ask other mums who have used hypnobirthing for their experiences. We would be happy to discuss hypnobirthing with you and can answer any questions you have if you contact us via the emails listed on our pages. Either of us can answer your queries, even if you don’t live in our area.

When should I start the hypnobirthing course?

Hypnobirthing can be learned at any stage of your pregnancy; however, we recommend that you start the course in your second trimester in order to give you time to absorb the information and practice the techniques shown.

I already have a child, is hypnobirthing only for first-time mums?

No. Hypnobirthing can benefit everyone; some individuals have even chosen to attend a course twice as they enjoyed the first so much.

I am likely to have a c-section, is hypnobirthing still helpful for me?

As the research shows, hypnobirthing can have a range of benefits, including helping to reduce anxiety around birth and therefore can be useful in a range of different births.

I have chosen not to have a birth partner; can I attend the course alone?

Absolutely!  Having a birth partner is not a requirement. You are very welcome to attend the course as an individual and we can facilitate you to learn and use the techniques to help you through this journey. However, the cost of the course or individual sessions remains the same.

You mention there is homework, what will this involve?

To get the most out of hypnobirthing practising at home is really important. Don't worry this is a great time for you to spend relaxing and having some you time. It is also a great opportunity for your partner to be involved, spending time together and helping to prepare them for labour and giving them tools to support you. Many find practising the relaxations and listening to the audios at night also helps them sleep better!

Do you have insurance?

Yes we are both insured.

I don’t like being in a group environment what are my options?

You are not alone; many people feel the same way. We are experienced in supporting groups and aim to help you feel at ease throughout the course. Although we encourage questions and discussions, there is no pressure for anyone to talk in the group, and there are no expectations to stand up in front of the group and demonstrate techniques. If a weekly group is available in your area, these tend to have smaller group sizes, which you may prefer. However, we also offer private sessions if you would be more comfortable with this. Please contact us to discuss further.

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